О т д е л е н и я
Документальный фотопроект
про отделения Почты России
Independent photographer
based in Moscow
Face recognition and authentication systems are spreading widely and have already taken place in our mobile devices and on the streets of the cities. These systems now face different kinds of challenges from ones with ethics and control to another with security. I have been shooting this project while taking part in collecting Face anti-spoofing algorithm data. The task of this technology is preventing false face verification by using a photo, video, mask or a different substitute for a face. Face anti-spoofing algorithm is based on neural networks so it needs huge datasets of different faces in masks and without them for best results. In this project I shot my self-portrait while taking an impression for silicone mask making, stages of mask making and my self-portraits in the mask. I also photographed printed photos of other people who took part in data collection prepared for mask-making.